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A straightforward and intuitive time recording system for you and your team, which meets all legal specifications for time recording.

All fully validated and documented.

TTcloud Multidevice

Different models for working hours, roles and authorisations​

You can map your organisational structure in TTcloud. All the recorded data is checked for each person and validated and documented with regard to employment law, the defined working model and the allocated role with corresponding authorisations.

TTcloud Roles

An easier and more efficient workflow​

TTcloud's system-driven e-mail workflow makes it possible to monitor and control all processes easily and at any time.​



  • starsEntering and correcting working hours​
  • starsRequesting absences/holidays​
  • starsInformation about approved/declined absences/holiday requests​

Line manager

  • starsEntering and correcting own working hours or target=actual work model​
  • starsInformation and overview of all absences/holiday requests​
  • starsApproving or declining absences/holiday requests​​